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Nathan Levi is being popular these days for being Crystal Hefner‘s boyfriend. Talking about his new girlfriend, Crystal Hefner is a very well-known model as well as a television personality who recently spoke about how she lost half of her body’s blood when she underwent cosmetic surgery. 

Quick Facts: Nathan Levi Net Worth: Meet Crystal Hefner Boyfriend On Instagram

NameNathan Levi
Age32 years
ProfessionSpaceship Engineer, Pilot
Married/SingleIn a relationship with Crystal Hefner

Also, she revealed that she could have died during the surgery. Moreover, Crystal is popular for being the widower of High Hefner, a well-known magazine publisher who died on September 27, 2017, because of sepsis. 

10 Facts on Nathan Levi

Nathan Levi’s current net worth seems to be under research and thus, it is currently unavailable.

Moreover, Nathan Levi is the new boyfriend of model Crystal Hefner were first spotted together in April 2020 when they were strolling on a beach together, as per reports claimed by People.

As mentioned in The Sun, Nathan Levi is currently 32 years old but apart from his age, we are still unknown about his other birthday details.

According to his girlfriend’s Wikipedia, she is currently 34 years old which means that the couples have an age difference of 2 years.

Obviously, we can find Nathan Levi on Instagram. In fact, he has already gained 4.6 thousand followers on his profile where his username is @_nathan.levi_. 

Well, as an engineer, Levi’s salary is quite high but we do know the exact number of his salary at the moment.

Not focusing on Nathan Levi’s earnings, we can say that he is a very passionate spaceship engineer who has been currently working at SpaceX Corporation

Moreover, he was also a vital member of Elon Musk‘s SpaceX Dragon launch that happened in March 2020.

Apart from being a spaceship engineer, he is also a pilot and he even took Crystal flying on their first date.

Furthermore, it has come to notice that he would like to go to space one day. 

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