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Johanna Moller Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Johanna Möller Wikipedia: Know everything about the Arboga Woman’s husband and family.

One of the most bizarre cases of all time in Sweden revolves around the principal suspect, Johanna Möller. In 2017, a woman in her 40s who asked her boyfriend to murder her parents when they were sleeping. 

Stabbed around 26 times, her father died on the spot. However, her mother miraculously survived the horrors. Prior to that, Möller was also accused of killing her own husband in a summer cottage in 2015.  

Is Johanna Möller on Wikipedia?

Despite her heinous act on her own family, there is no infamous Wikipedia biography of Johanna Möller.

However, her murders and attempted murders have made their own on several wikis, movies, and documentaries even. Although she denied all charges against her, the Swedish court gave her life imprisonment for her vicious crimes. 

Johanna Möller Husband And Family: Is she married?

No, Möller is not married at the moment and certainly doesn’t have a husband. 

It is because the 45-year-old allegedly killed him in a summer cottage in 2015. She was very quick to deny all the accusations, but a lot of evidence pointed towards her during the hearing.

In addition to that, she was later in the center of the attempted murder case of her parents. Her then-boyfriend, Mohammad Rajabi, confessed that it was Johanna who gave him the knife. He stabbed her parents, leaving her father dead. 

The Court of Appeal rejected the verdict, but she was arrested and imprisoned anyway. 

Moreover, Johanna Möller does have children with her ex-husband, but there are not many known facts about them. 

Where is the Arboga Woman now?

No wonder she is currently serving her jail time. She was imprisoned for life in 2017. 

Furthermore, there are several TV shows and movies made upon the events of her life. Likewise, a new podcast called “Arboga Woman” is being made upon the revelation of new details on her case. 

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