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Jonathan Galindo Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, TikTok, Early Life, Career, Facts

Jonathan Galindo is well-known for being a TikTok star but is he really a TikTok star? He might not be. Taking you back to 2016, there was a Russian group named Blue What whose main purpose on the internet was to lead children to suicide. It sounds scary but it is what it is. The internet completely broke with absolutely crazy games which attracted thousands of children.

NameJonathan Galindo
ProfessionTikTok Star

One such games led to suicide. Well, you might think as if this story is nowhere near to Jonathan Galindo. But, according to various sources, we have found that he is amongst the ones being involved with Blue Whale. Coming to 2020, he has started his own TikTok channel and he can be recognized with a dog face.

Why a dog face is still a question raised in the community. We really do not know who he is but we are pretty sure he is up with some dangerous activities. It is even believed that if he texts you, you need to call the cops and not get involved in any of his activities. 

10 Facts About Jonathan Galindo

Jonathan Galindo is popular on TikTok these days as he has been spreading a wrong challenge which he should not do.

We have no news about his age and since he has not revealed his face, we cannot predict it either. 

Blue Whale Challenge is a heard challenge and the inventor is this man himself.

He is only famous because of Blue Whale Challenges resurfaces and has even been connected to the Russian group called Blue Whale.

He is probably a Russian but his ethnicity is not known to us.

The net worth of Jonathan is far from our sight.

He has himself recommended people not to speak with him according to his TikTok bio.

On TikTok, he has now earned almost 18.6 thousand followers and has 43.6 thousand likes on just 2 of his TikTok videos.

Most of his other videos on TikTok was removed for security reasons.

His appearance can be found out very easily as he has been wearing dog face masks to hide his identity. 

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