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Jonathan Price Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Jonathan Price is an African American man who has been added to the list of men being killed by police shootings in America. The news just came hours ago but the family and officials have confirmed that he has been shot dead because of 3 gunshot wounds. The investigation is expected to be carried out whether he had to be shot or not but the family really is in deep sadness right now.

The incident happened at a gas store convenience store located at 103 S. Santa Fe Street, Wolfe City. Price was apparently trying to separate a fight between a man and a woman near the store.

When the police first arrived, according to Price’s family, he was first tased and then shot. People have responded to this with a heavy heart. Some even have established a GoFundme page and some people are trying to secure free legal services for the poor family.

NameJonathan Price

10 Facts On Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price is currently or more accurately just 32 years when he was killed in a gun shooting by police.

We don’t know the acute date of his birth but details on that will be available if the investigation is carried forward.

According to Price’s family, a vigil will be held on Monday at 7 pm.

Price doesn’t have Wikipedia but after he has been killed, I am sure details about his life will be soon a matter of talk.

The police officer shot him multiple times and shortly after that, Price was dead. 

People have been very sad and making emotional tributes to Price.

There are strong voices against the police after this incident because it seems like black people always suffer injustice at the hands of police.

A police officer hasn’t made any remarks on the incident. Shaun Lucas is the officer who was responsible for this incident.

We don’t know the names of his family members but they really need some support at this hour.

Shaun Lucas- the officer has been granted an administrative leave but the investigation hasn’t yet been carried out.

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