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Shaun Lucas Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Shaun Lucas is the police officer who is behind the shooting of a man called Jonathon Price. The incident happened in Wolfe City, Texas and the details aren’t out yet. However, it really looks like the officer did more than he as required to do.

The situation is really confusing right now because the police haven’t said anything about the incident. According to Price’s family, Price was separating a fight between a man and a woman near a store when an officer pulled up at the scene. 

Shaun Lucas then tased and shot Jonathon multiple times. After that, it has been reported that Lucas refused to help the man and did not perform any kind of life-saving measures. He is currently on a leave and is getting well paid.

NameShaun Lucas
ProfessionPolice officer
Salary$49.000 in average

10 Facts On Shaun Lucas

Shaun Lucas is a police officer who looks like he could be in his late thirties.

The acute details about his date of birth are not available on the internet but it will be known as this case gets investigated.

Shaun is a white man and this is a really important detail you can’t miss. More importantly, he is one of the many white cops responsible for killing an African American people.

Lucas was wearing a bracelet that says “Back the Blue” which means support police.

Details about his wife and family haven’t been available to the public.

Even though details about the finer details of the incident haven’t been made public, there’s a high probability that Shaun used excessive force here.

People are really angry towards Shaun and have been accusing him of being racist.

We don’t know if Shaun was wearing a body camera while the incident took place.

Lucas has a tattoo that covers the majority of his right hand.

He appears to be short and a little chubby.

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