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Jophielle Love Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Facts

Jophielle Love is an American child actress as well as a singer. She was born into a family of performance artists. She realized her passion was acting from an early age. She began her acting at just 3 years old.

She got her very first screen time on a commercial for Citibank. She performed unnaturally well for a child actor. Since then, she has landed her self short roles on a few TV shows and movies including General Hospital, Rose I, and Ping Pong Fun.Quick Facts:

NameJophielle Love
BirthdayMay 20, 2014
ParentsKarine Mauffrey and Jade Kindar-Martin
SiblingsRaphael Luce and Gabriel Sky

Facts On Jophielle Love

Jophielle Love was born in a middle-class American family on May 20, 2014. As of 2020, Love is a sweet 6 year old girl.

About her parents, she is the daughter of the stuntwoman Karine Mauffrey and a wire walker Jade Kindar-Martin. She has two older siblings Raphael Luce and Gabriel Sky. Both are professional actors.

Love’s papa is the Guinness Wolrd Record holder of walking on a wire on the highest distance possible above the sea level.

Love has just started to establish herself on the entertainment platform. She has recently been offered a role in the famous Netflix series Grey’s Anatomy.

She has her own little biography on her IMDB, which is written by her mother. It will take her a while to gain a position on the Wikipedia webpage.

There is no exact date of her birth, revealed by her mother on IMDB or any other site. As of now, her birthday is still a secret.

She was born in the US and belongs to American nationality.

She has her very own, social media account on Instagram @jophiellelove which is run by her parents. 

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