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Judah Holtzclaw Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Judah Holtzclaw from Bishop Sycamore? Meet him on his Instagram and learn everything about him in the article below.

Judah Holtzclaw is a former student of Bishop Sycamore who is recently in the limelight. He is an athlete from Westerville, Ohio, and a player of Bishop Sycamore. 

He went to Holtzclaw studied at Westerville Central High School for his high schooling between 2018 to 2020. He has been listed as a tight-end player.

After completing the school’s game against IMG Academy and after his father’s interview with AA, he came into the limelight.

Bishop Sycamore: Who Is Judah Holtzclaw?

Judah Holtzclaw is a former student of Bishop Sycamore.

Bishop Sycamore is accused of being a fake high school that can enter a game against IMG Academy.

However, Bishop claims to be a new football program that will be established in Columbus, Ohio.

According to the official page on Instagram, they claimed that they played a national schedule ranked at 4th in the nation. Furthermore, they added that they had gathered young men from all over the world to achieve a similar goal. 

But people criticized the school on social media as it is not a registered one. Even though it is not registered in the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s directory of schools, it played a game against the IMG Academy in ESPN’s high-profile game on 29th August.

A former student of Bishop Sycamore Judah Holtzclaw is a freshman listed at the tight end at Youngstown State. His father, Ray Holtzclaw, said that he spent much of the whole year hoping to get a college offer to play a quarterback.

His son is more passionate and attached to Bishop Sycamore. His son Bishop was always hoping to be selected in the spring football schedule and another college camp. It’s heartbreaking news for the members of Bishop Sycamore, knowing their school is fake.

After Bishop Sycamore scammed ESPN, the head coach Roy Johnson has been filed civil lawsuits. He gets an active warrant out of Delaware, Ohio. 

How old is Judah Holtzclaw? Age

The age of Bishop Sycamore is yet to be revealed.

The actual age is still undercover. But he seems to be in his teen.

Judah Holtzclaw Wikipedia 

 Judah Holtzclaw is not listed on Wikipedia.

HE is the former student of a fake school that can get entrance on ESPN, a famous game playing against IMG Academy. IMG Academy beats Bishop Sycamore, a fake high school 58-0 on ESPN.

This is unbelievable for a team to be defeated like this on ESPN. After defeating IMG Academy 58-0, this high school came on the red line (fake).

His father, Roy Holtzclaw, told about Judah. He said that his son is now a freshman at Youngstown State University. He has left Bishop Sycamore after the controversy.

Meet Him On Instagram

Meet Judah Holtzclaw on Instagram under the user name @judahholtzclaw1.

He has got 2,246 followers. Find more about him on his Instagram account.

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