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Judge Ardian Dvorani Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ardian Dvorani doesn’t have a Wikipedia biographia yet. However, get to know more of his back story in this article below.

The United States has announced its 12 outstanding winners of the international awards on Anti-Corruption and Transparency. One of the recipients of the award is Albanian judge Ardian Dvorani. He was recognized for his contribution to justice-reform for his country.

Ardian helped to lessen the criminal influence in the justice system of Albania. 

Who is Judge Ardian Dvorani?

Ardian Dvorani is a judge at the Albanian Administrative Court of Appeal.  

Adrian served as the judge for the Supreme Court in Albania for above 15 years. Before, he was appointed as the general director for the Ministry of Justice. Likewise, he held the position from 1999 to 2005. 

Meet Ardian’s Wife and Family Explored

Ardian Dovrani’s wife must be very proud of his achievements.

But, Ardian Dovrani doesn’t prefer to talk about his family and children. In the same way, Ardian Dovrani seems above 60 years old. 

Quick Facts:

NameArdian Dvorani
ProfessionJudge and Lawyer
EducationUniversity of Triana

Some Facts on Ardian Dvorani 

Ardian Dvorani’s post as the judge yields him a handsome Net Worth as in 2021. Therefore, we are sure that he is living a comfortable life. However, his actual fortune is under inspection. 

According to his CV, Ardian completed his education at the University of Triana. Likewise, his major was Juris Doctor in Law (1984-1988). 

Soon after his graduation, Ardian was hired by the Regional Prosecution office. After he left the job, he started working as the director at the Insurance Institute of Albania. 

In 1994, Dvorani started to shift his focus on Human rights. He became a senior partner for the Sadushi and Dvorani Law Office. 

The lawyer finally got his career achievement as the Legal Advisor for the Prime minister’s office. In fact, he provided legal opinions for the Council of Ministers.

Ardian played a huge role in the open negotiations for Albania’s accession to the EU. Furthermore, he also helped to develop the body against Organized Crime and Corruption.

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