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Julian Bass Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, TikTok, Early Life, Career, Facts

Julian Bass is the viral star who got fame for his videos on TikTok portraying as a classic hero. People are searching for contents and some dance and some do lipsync. Like other people, Julian was also making videos but suddenly he became famous for his VFX. Bass’s idea of VFX was creative and he animated superheroes in his videos. People grow up with superheroes and watching those heroes blended in day to day life videoes is amazing.

NameJulian Bass
Age21 years
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight59 kg
ProfessionTikTok star
TwitterJulian Bass

Julian might have been impressed by Superheroes and spend his childhood with those heroes, but now he is famous for animating those heroes. Julian clipped Star Wars Universe, Ben 10, and Spider-Man, and those effects are stunning. Julian has gained fame in small age for his artistic videoes. It is sure that Julian will improve his content and Julian is a creative video creator that TikTok has.

10 Facts on Julian Bass

Creative content creator Julian Bass was born 1999 and he is 21 years old now.

Julian has not revealed when he celebrates his birthday. So, we are not able to wish Bass on his birthday.

Julian’s nationality is American and his ethnicity is Black.

Bass is famous for his VFX contents on his TikTok with id thejulianbass and 773 K fans follow him.

Young black boy, Julian stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches. Bass weighs 59 kg.

Julian has not revealed his parents. This might be because he is in the process of becoming a star, hope we will be able to see his family in the future.

He has not appeared with any girls, so we cannot say about her girlfriend. Hope the lucky girl finds Julian soon.

Julian connects with his fans through Instagram with username thejulianbass.

Bass uploads his contents in the Twitter account with username Julian Bass.

Julian currently resides in Atlanta.

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