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Julius Jones Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

After American TV personality, Kim Kardashian went to visit Death Row inmate Julius Jones on Monday, November 23, the world’s been thinking about who is Julius Jones. Got any idea who is Death Row inmate Julius Jones?

NameJulius Jones
EducationUniversity of Oklahoma

This is not the first time Kim has to reach out to help prison inmates. Since she began working with Donald Trump, she has been outspoken about her right to advocate for criminal justice reform. And Kim Kardashian payings a visit to Death Row inmate Julius falls in the same corner.

Here’s what we know of death row inmate Julius Jones. 

10 Facts on Julius Jones

Julius Jones is a national sensation in the United States who now has been on death row for around 20 years. He is charged with the first-degree murder of an Edmond businessman.

Recently on Monday, November 23, 2020, Kim Kardashian paid a visit to Julius Jones in Oklahoma. The media mogul has vowed to help Julius Jones.

The Jones case is a matter of national interest in the United States. His case has gained attention from celebrities and athletes alike amid the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Julius Jones was arrested in 2002 and was sentenced to death after he was convicted of killing Edmond based businessman named Paul Howell.

There is a social media fan page on Twitter in support of Julius Jones who is named Justice for Julius. 

There is a two hours TV episode about Julius Jones which is titled The Last Defense: Julius Jones. The Last Defense: Julius Jones tells the story of what happened to Jones. You can watch the documentary on the ABC network.

Julius Jones is an American national. He is an Oklahoma City inmate.

The detail about his family members and parents is not public yet.

Julius Jones attended the University of Oklahoma. 

The exact detail of Julius Jones’ age is not public. He was reported as a 19-year old boy in 1999. Fast forward to 2020, he could be 40 years of age.

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