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Peter Mahoney Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Peter Mahoney is a former drug enforcer who got straight and turned his life around. He became a role model for criminals who want to turn their life around. 

His death was confirmed by his good friend Shaunvia a social media post. Affectionately called ‘Wildman’, Peter Mahoney was the enforcer and best friend of the drug Kingpin Shaun Attwood. Many know Shaun as the Kingpin who got a 200-year sentence but became a law-abiding citizen and now lives among celebrities. 

NamePeter Mahoney
ProfessionFormer Drug Ring Enforcer

10 Facts About Peter Mahoney

Peter Mahoneywas 49 years old at the time of his death according to the obituary posted on this site. 

Wildman did not have a Wikipedia page but you can get the information about the former drug ring enforcer in this article. 

Peter Mahoney died on November 23, 2020, but the cause of his death is not available in the media or public domain. In addition to this, official sources have not confirmed if his death was COVID-related or not. 

Mahoney became a popular name after he appeared on a true-crime podcast with his friend and former criminal associate Shaun Attwood.

The enforcer was married but the information about his spouse is not available in the media. Additionally, he was also secretive about his personal life. 

Similarly, he has also kept the details of his family away from the media. This may be because of their past criminal life. 

Peter joined the drug trade with his friend Shaun when they were young, they had a drastic change in their fortunes when they became multi-millionaires. 

The joy was short-lived as in 2002 they were arrested by a SWAT team in Tempe, Arizona, USA. 

Shaun and Peter had their sentences reduced as part of a plea deal. 

Since their release, both of them went legit. 

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