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Kaley Fedko Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Kaley Fedko is a journalist from America who has just started her profession in the year 2019. She is currently associated with the WDTV News. Kaley joined the channel as soon as she graduated from the University of Miami where she for a Bachelor’s degree in journalism.Quick Facts:

NameKaley Fedko

10 facts on Kaley Fedko

She was born in Pittsburgh, PA to her parents John and Tina Fedko. She has four siblings, Christian, Kyler, Katherine, and Colby.  Her father worked as a Sports Reporter for WPXI in Pittsburgh and later was President of Vincentian Academy in Pittsburgh from 2011-2016.

The exact age of Fedko is unknown as she is secretive about her personal life details. However, by looking at her pictures, we can assume that she is in her mid-20s.

Kaley is a professional journalist whose career is just a year old. She joined the WDTV News channel in the year 2019 and she gets a good salary.

Currently, Fedko works as a front desk associate and a social media manager in the channel. In fact, she is a student of communication and journalism.

Being a social media manager, Kaley has managed a few high profiles social media accounts including the Twitter of Ocean Drive Magazine.

Kaley is a gorgeous looking personality with blonde hair and grey colored eyes. In addition, a big broad smile makes her look adorable.

The exact relationship status of Fedko is unknown. However, as she has not seen any guy in public, we can assume that Fedko is single and she doesn’t have a husband.

She attended the University of Pittsburgh for 2 years and was a Cheerleader before she transferred to the University of Miami. In her career, Fedko has received an award as well. She was awarded Miss Biscayne Bay USA in the year 2018.

Fedko is not much of a social media person as she hardly uses any of those platforms including Instagram or Twitter. However, she has a page on Facebook.

Kaley has been able to gather around 600 likes on her Facebook account with a total of 378 followers. She constantly shares her beautiful photos from her account.

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