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Kent Hovind Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Kent Hovind was recently arrested on a domestic violence charge. He was arrested on July 30 but was released from the Conecuh County Jail.

Kent Hovind is an American Christian evangelist and tax protester and also is a controversial figure in the Young Earth creationist movement.

Kent Hovind Arrested- Is The Fundamentalist In Jail?

Hovind’s arrest warrant dated July 19 alleges that he intentionally threw his estranged wife, Cindi Lincoln.

He allegedly injured his wife by body-slamming her, sending her to the emergency room in late 2020.

Kent was also arrested for assault, battery, and burglary in an incident with a CSE secretary on August 15, 2002, but the charges were dropped in December.

Talking about his other controversies, the United States Tax Court found that Hovind was deficient in paying his federal income taxes in 1995-1997.

He was sentenced to 10 years of prison with three years’ probation in 2007. Besides, he was also ordered to pay the federal government restitution of over $600 thousand.

In 2007, the government placed claims on ten of the Hovind’s properties for money owed following a June 27, 2007 judgment.

Meet Kent Hovind Wife- Who Is He Married To?

Kent was married two times but had divorced with the first wife.

The American fundamentalist was first married to Jo Hovind in 1973, but the couple later got a civil divorce in 2016.

After that, Hovind tied his knot for the second time with Mary Tocco in 2016, and their marriage was officiated by Eric Philpott, a Texas preacher.

Talking about his wife, Mary is well-known as the Vice President of the Foundation for Pediatric Health (501c3).

Hovind has three children from his previous relationship, Jo Hovind, and two of their names are Eric Hovind and Marlissa Dublin.

His wife claimed that Hovind sent his right-hand man to her rental property to threaten her and that he trashed the property the next day.

Kent Hovind Net Worth Revealed

Hovind has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

He has earned a huge amount of money throughout her career and owns a lot of properties in his name as well.

Moreover, he also earns from YouTube, where he has his own channel with 1906 videos and 184 thousand subscribers.

Kent attended East Peoria Community High School, Midwestern Baptist College, Illinois Central College, and Patriot Bible University to complete his education.

He also has his own website, whose primary mission is to “inform the world about the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ and the Truth about his Amazing Creation.”

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