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Kristy Fraser Kirk Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Does Kristy Fraser Kirk Wikipedia? Her high-profile sexual harassment case has changed her life. Find in detail what has happened.

Kristy Fraser Kirk is a publicity coordinator. In 2010, she complained that the CEO of David Jones, Mr. Mark McInnes, had sexually harassed her. However, Mr. McInnes has always denied the claims.

As per the report, at first, Ms. Kirk has tried to have her accusation dealt with internally, but it didn’t happen to be solved, and the case ended up in court.

But, it is said that they settled the case outside of court. Neither would be their information if Mark McInnes was arrested or not.

David Jones and Mark McInnes are sued for about $37 million over allegations of sexual misconduct.

And about the case, Fraser has given the television interview for the first time, and she hopes that time has changed. When she accused Mark Mclnnes in 2010, different individuals and reports insinuated her as a troublemaker and also said a gold-digger.

Kristy Fraser Kirk Wikipedia & Age

Kristy Fraser Kirk is yet to have her own Wikipedia page. 

But, different news article and media has covered her harassment case and her biography. Fraser is a publicity coordinator who has charged Mr. Mark McInnes with sexual harassment. 

Mr. Mark Mclnnes was the CEO of David Jones. In 2010, when she accused Mr. Mclnnes, she was just 25 years of age. 

So, as per that, currently, she is 36 years old. And, it might be she was born in the year 1985. 

Know Her Husband

Kristy Fraser is a married woman, but information regarding her husband is yet to be revealed.

She is currently living with her son and her husband in a London home. 

More than that, we are yet to find about her parents, family, and her partner.

Find Her Net Worth

Kristy Fraser Kirk’s actual net worth is yet to be known. 

She has started as a junior publicist, and currently, she is a publicity coordinator. She has come a long way in her career and might have somehow gathered few amounts of money.

We expect her net worth in the millions.

Meet Kristy Fraser On Twitter

Kristy Fraser is hard to find on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

But, her case and details are in talk openly on various social media handles. In the 3rd part of the series, Why Women Are Angry, the makers focus on sexual harassment.

Also, Kristy Fraser’s television interview regarding ten years from her landmark legal case involving retailer David Jones. 

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