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Lance Wallnau Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Lance Wallnau is one of the famous evangelists among the three who had predicted Donald Trump presidency run from the time of his presidency. He is also a Doctor, political specialist, author, teacher and entrepreneur.

Lance Wallnau became famous after he predicted the presidency run in 2015 and even predicted that Donald Trump would be the president. His father was a world war II veteran who has recently lost his life at the age of 99.

NameLance Wallnau
BirthdaySeptember 4, 1956
Height5 ft 11 in
ProfessionEvangelist, Author etc
ParentsCarl Wallnau
Net WorthAbove $3million
WifeAnnabelle Naples
EducationMaster Degree
YouTubeLance Wallnau

10 Facts on Evangelist Lance Wallnau

He was born in the United States of America on September 4, 1956, and he hasn’t mentioned his hometown yet.

Lance’s age as of 2020 is 64 years as his birthday was just a couple of days before at the time of this article is written.

Despite being one of the famous Evangelist and political speaker he isn’t accessible in the Wiki page so we have mentioned some of his facts to know him better more than usual.

Dr. Lance Wallnau had even started his show name The Lance Wallnau show which is basically a podcast show as it is aired by Apple company where he mostly talks about gods and Christianity. 

Talking about his ministries he is very much into gods and its importance especially Christianity where he has even mentioned 200 years old prayer kettle representing today’s racial discrimination.

Lance Wallnau is married to Annabelle Naples as they got married on November 17, 1985.

Lance and his wife Annabelle have 3 children together Lance Jr, Carl Alex, Joy but he hasn’t mentioned their date of birth as of now.

His height is approximately more than 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is about 180cm high.

His net worth as of 2020 is more than $3 million but still, exact net worth is not revealed.

Talking about this family he is the son of World War II veteran Carl Wallnau as his father died in 2018 when he was 99 years old.

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