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Lashun Massey Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Lashun Massey age may concern you after hearing that her deceased body was found last Thursday in Irving.

Lashun is a Civil Engineer and a businesswoman. She had gone missing since April 27 after her morning walk.

Lashun Massey Age: How old was she?

Lashun Massey’s age was 38 years old.

Massey was born in 1983. Her parents are her mother, Mary Ross, and her father Frank King. She was born and raised in Lambrook, Arkansas.

Lashun was facing overweight while growing up. Some say she had to lose 250 pounds to get to a normal weight. 

Besides, Lashun had joined Tennessee State University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering and a Master’s degree there. Furthermore, she has a Ph.D. in Civil engineering from Virginia Tech.

Lashun Massey Husband: Her Family

Lashun Massey’s husband is Jeff Massey.

The couple married on the 14th of February, 2018. Jeff is 51 years of age, 13 years older than Lashun. 

The Massey family had two sons, RJ and Raylan Massey. They are currently studying in elementary school. Lashun and her husband lived in Irving, Dallas before she went missing there.

Lashun Massey Was Missing: When and Where?

Lashun Massey’s missing report was registered on 27th April 2021.

Her husband filed the missing report. She had gone for her regular walk in the morning that day. However, her husband became concerned as she did not answer his calls for a while.

Lashun was missing from Lago de Claire, a lake in Irving. Lashun’s husband had called 911 around 7.30 am on the day. 

Later, on Thursday 29th April, her body was found. The officials said there were no signs of attack on her body.

Lashun Massey Net Worth

Lashun Massey’s net worth is around $250 thousand.

Notably, Massey is the reigning Mrs. Dallas. Also, she was ready to compete in the Mrs. Texas America contest last Thursday.

Massey’s Instagram account is not available.

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