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Sverre Varhaug Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Everyone who has heard of Sverre Varhaug wonders if he is on Wikipedia. His crimes are compared to torture!

Varhaug was a psychologist and abuser. He misused his power to sexually abuse his victims for more than two decades. Ultimately, Varhaug was caught in multiple lawsuit and cases. 

Sverre Varhaug Wikipedia

Sverre Varhaug’s Wikipedia bio is asbent for now.

Sverre Varhaug was a famous Norweigan psychologist in Oslo. He became notorious for his back-to-back sexual abuse lawsuit. In fact, reports alleged that Sverre Varhaug’s treatment even resulted in the death of two of his patients. 

The tale of Sverre’s abuse began in 1969. Likewise, the physiologist was working at two hospitals and at his own private practice at that time. But, it was later reported that Varhaug used his power to abuse his patient in the name of treatment. 

His Wife And Family Explored

Sverre Varhaug’s wife and children were never disclosed. 

Throughout his life, Varhaug moved from one place to another. Similarly, Sverre Varhaug’s main victims were young men. Therefore, many people speculate that Sverre might have been gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal in the country. 

Sverre Varhaug’s family/familie were native of Hinna district, Norway.

Varhaug and his family were very popular in the town. One of the relatives stated that Sverre supposedly became a “little girly” growing up. Except for this, his parents and relatives never spoke to the media and newspapers.  

Where Is He Now?

Sverre Varhaug’s status is unknown for now. He became really quiet after his third lawsuit. 

On 23 March 1976, Sverre Varhaug’s victims filed a lawsuit against him. In 1980, the court charged him with adultery and his medical practice was suspended for two years. In addition, the second lawsuit was filed in 1988 for similar reasons.

In 2002, his third victim came forward. This time the supreme court sentenced him to six months unconditional imprisonment. 

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