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Lauren Taylor Wolfe Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Lauren Taylor Wolfe is a managing partner at Impactive Capital. Get to know her husband and net worth. Is she on Wikipedia?

One of the most influential women, Lauren Taylor Wolfe has been featured in Forbes pages more than once. She co-founded the activist investment management firm called Impactive Capital in 2018 and the company has become quite a success now. 

Following a long career as a Managing Director, Lauren decided on her own start-up and the entrepreneur has not looked back since. 

Lauren Taylor Wolfe Husband: Who is the Impactive Capital founder married to?

Lauren Taylor Wolfe often talks about her husband, Josh Wolfe. 

Her husband is a journalist and columnist for Forbes. Besides, he is also an entrepreneur and activist who co-founded Lux Capital. 

A few years back, she tweeted a tweet saying that she and her husband do not agree on a lot of things. However, the couple has a great and stable relationship. 

Moreover, Lauren Taylor Wolfe has been associated with the Impactive Capital since 2018. She founded the company with Christian Asmar. 

Lauren Taylor Wolfe Wikipedia: Get to know her

Lauren Taylor Wolfe doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. One can find her bio on LinkedIn though. 

She and Christina founded Impactive Capital in April 2018 and both of them have worked very hard for the company’s current position. 

Moreover, Lauren did her bachelor’s at Cornell University and completed her MBA degree at The Wharton School. She worked as a Managing Director at Blue Harbor Group for more than 10 years. 

Lauren Taylor Wolfe Net Worth and Earnings

Lauren Taylor Wolfe’s net worth and earnings remain under review at the moment. 

The entrepreneur’s assets and worth have not been public yet. However, looking at her status and experience, she has made earnings of multi-million dollars throughout her career. 

Lauren Taylor has been in the investment management business for around 15 years now. 

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