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Alan van der Merwe Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Alan van der Merwe salary and net worth as an F1 medical driver must be high. How much does he actually make?

F1 fans are praising Alan for his amazing driving skills after the recent race. Netizens have even jokingly named him as the 2021 Belgian GP!

Furthermore, with his difficult job, there are also queries on his bank balance. 

How Much is Alan van der Merwe Salary & Net Worth?

Alan van der Merwe salary generates a handsome net worth in 2021, which is still under review.

Merwe is a Formula One medical car rider. He is responsible for arriving at the accident scenes of F1 races in the official Mercedes-Benz estate car. Similarly, his passenger seat is also taken by a certified FIA doctor.

The current medical F1 car is Aston Martin DBX. Similarly, Alan has been working in his role since 2009.

Alan has to work under emergency conditions. He plays a vital role in the survival of F1 drivers, who earn millions in a year. For an instance, top driver Lewis Hamilton makes an annual salary of around $30 million USD.

So, we are doubtless that Alan van der Merwe’s earning is in millions as well. However, no official reports have calculated his actual payments. 

Who is Alan van der Merwe Wife or Partner?

Alan var der Merwe is not married with a wife yet.

He is a bachelor with no reported children or spouse. But, similar to his fortune, Alan is pretty private about his love life. 

Till now, Alan var der Merwe has never disclosed his partner details.

He seems completely taken by his career and love for cars right now. As a fact, his official Instagram @alan.van.der.merwe is mostly filled with pictures of his cars. 

Learn About Alan van der Merwe Wikipedia

Alan var der Merwe is also featured on Wikipedia biodata.

Born in the year 1980 Alan var der Merwe is 41 years old in age. Likewise, he celebrates his birthday on the 31st of January each year. 

Alan var der Merwe family is originally from Johannesburg in South African. Nevertheless, the medical driver has travelled around the world due to his profession.

Merwe actually started out as an actual racer. He is the winner of the 2001 Formula Ford Festival and 2003 British Formula 3 Champion.

In 2004, he used to drive for the SuperNova Racing in the Formula 3000 races. Furthermore, he has also raced in the A1 Grand Prix series for A1 Team South Africa. 

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