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Nicole Gee Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Jarod Gee, husband of Nicole Gee is a Marine. By his passion, Nicole also decided to be a part of US Marine.

Many of you might have heard of the blast at Kabul Airport, Nicole was counted in one of two female Marines who died in the accident.

Nicole Gee husband Jarod Gee- US Marine’s Journey

Her husband Jarod Gee serves in a Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Nicole joined the same service later. Let us explore why did Nicole choose the same path?

Nicole’s sister Misty had mentioned that her sister had always considered making a contrast but didn’t think of joining Marine Corps. Further, she added Nicole didn’t always desire to be a Marine but the lady has always been aspiring and fiery. 

It came after Nicole began dating her hubby. Jarod always was sure he wanted to be a Marine. Jarod fulfilled his wish and a year after, Nicole also joined. Therefore, it was his passion that inspired her.

Explore on Nicole’s Kids and Family

Going into detail on her kids, we assume there ain’t any. Nicole and Jarod are together for four years. But there is no information related to their biological child.

However, her sister mentioned that Nicole was considered a golden child. Because she was best in everything she does. Nicole always scored A’s in her academy and was outstanding at extracurricular activities. 

As per her sister, she became nostalgic while sharing about their happy childhood. Nevertheless, in Nicole’s Family, her mother passed away at age 46 in 2019. 

By the time, Nicole had already shifted her space with her husband across the country. Together, the sisters grew up in Roseville, California. Their parent Richard who is now 56 years old still lives there,

Nicole Gee Died In Afghanistan

Sadly, we have to accept the fact that Nicole is no more. Her biological sister shared a screenshot of her text before lining up for Afghanistan. Nicole texted her sister to not worry and be brave.

Just weeks before she died, Nicole shared a picture of her holding an Afghan baby. Misty also added that her sister was so proud and happy with what she was doing.

Nicole’s last text was for her husband Jarod. Who would have thought that this fearless soul will be gone too fast? Her sister, husband, and all other colleagues of Nicole will always remember her great work and activities. 

We can look over her Instagram nicole_gee__ to know more about her.

Lastly, Misty said, it was tough for her to accept the reality that Nicole was gone forever. But she is proud of Nicole as she took her last breath while performing, which she loved.

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