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Lekahni Pearce Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Sydney Swans’ Elijah Taylor has landed in trouble after he allowed his girlfriend Lekahni Pearce to the team’s hotel. Sydney Swan’s roster was strictly quarantined for 14 days, but violating the quarantine rules, Taylor allowed his beau to the team’s hotel.

NameLekahni Pearce
Age18 years

Now he is banned for the rest of the reason and is also fined some dollars. In addition to breaching to the team’s hotel, Taylor’s girlfriend also crossed a golf course to reach him inside his quarantine zone on Friday, August 15.

Well, the lady must be deeply in love with her boyfriend, but it is important to follow the quarantine rules. Now, her smitten love for the player has landed him into big trouble. Was banning Taylor for the rest of the season was a good decision? What do you think of it?

10 Facts About Lekahni Pearce

Lekahni Pearce is an Australian national who is one of the recent media sensations. The pretty lady caught media attention after he breached quarantine rule to meet her boyfriend who was quarantined at Sydney Swans’ hotel.

Pearce jumped a full-length golf course to meet Elijah Taylor at his hotel on Friday night, August 15. 

In the name of allowing his girlfriend to the hotel while being quarantined, Elijah has been banned for the rest of the season. 

Also, Taylor will pay $50,000 fine. 

Elijah Taylor does not have a Wikipedia page. It is obvious for she only got into the public attention after she breached COVID-19 rules.

Though the detail of her birthday is not public, she is currently 18 years of age.

Her boyfriend, Elijah Taylor is a professional rules footballer who plays for Sydney Swans in the AFL (Australian Football League).

Taylor was born on May 1. 2001. He is 19 years of age. This means Elijah is just a year elder than Pearce.

Lekahni Pearce does not have a public social media page like Instagram and Twitter.

Pearce is an Australian national and her ethnicity is white.

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