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Liberty Poole Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Love Island cast Liberty Poole is 21 years old and is gearing up for the show, and is ready for a new alpha male to be her partner.

Liberty Poole is one of the many contestants of the Love island show.

The show will air on the 28th of June on the ITV2 show. The show will air from its famous home in Majorca. 

Liberty Poole is the third contestant for the show, and she is still a student working part-time as a waitress. 

Who Is Liberty Poole And How Old Is She? Details On Her Height

According to the Sun, Liberty Poole is now 21 years old. 

Liberty has not yet revealed her date of birth, but it seems that soon everything will be revealed on the show. 

Liberty seems to be a tall woman with a beautiful height of 5 feet 8 inches.

She has a beautiful figure of a model which is yet to be measured. 

What Does Liberty Poole Profession: Job? 

Liberty Poole is a student of business. 

She also does have a job at the Nando, and she is a waitress.

She joined there to earn some pocket money but later become famous because of her beautiful looks. 

Many people started to visit the restaurant just because of her, and some of them also proposed to her. 

That is what grabbed the attention of the show owner, and Liberty was called upon the show as a third contestant. 

What Is Liberty Poole’s Instagram?

Liberty Poole Instagram has over more than 9.2k followers. 

She seems to be too popular because of her look, and she has only posted over 74 posts. She is also following around 687 people on Instagram. 

She also has a Twitter account with only 60 followers, which is way too less when compared to her Instagram. 

Talking Liberty’s bio, it is not widely available. Her Instagram says only one line that is Love Island.

This indicates her participation on the show, and she may find the love of her life on the show. 

Where Is Liberty Poole From? 

From the appearance of her Instagram, Liberty Poole is currently living around the Birmingham area.

But, like the rest of influencer Britain, it would seem she spent a season in Dubai back in November 2020.

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