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Lifeisasoph is an unknown Twitter account. She claimed to be the aunt of Jacob Blake’s ex-girlfriend. 

Age35-40 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches

Jacob is a black man currently admitted to the hospital. He was shot by a policeman in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

However, Lifeisasoph was a real person with a fake account. Furthermore, the account is suspended now. 

10 Facts on Lifeisasoph

Lifeisasoph is an infamous Twitter account that posted many derogatory Tweets about Jacob Blake. Lifeisasoph’s age is discussed to be around 35-40 years old. However, her official birth date is not available. 

Recently, Lifeisasoph was identified as the aunt of Jacob Blake’s ex-girlfriend. However, her real name not been disclosed due to privacy concerns and police cases. 

Jacob Blake is a black man who was shot by police on August 23, 2020. The incident occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which sparked major protests around the area. 

Lifeisasoph was considered a Fake account at first. She alleged Jacob of rape and assault. In fact, it was confirmed that the account was actually real.

Lifeisasoph claimed that she was a black woman. Furthermore, she also spoke against the ongoing “Black Lives Matter” protest in America. 

However, the person behind the account is rumored to be a man now. In fact, people found out that Lifeisasoph has several posted Twitter lies and conspiracy theories before the Jacob case. 

Due to all of her misleading Tweets, Lifeisasoph’s Twitter account was recently suspended.  Likewise, she has been active on the platform since 2015. 

Lifeisasoph’s height is discussed to be around 5 feet 8 inches. However, her physical appearance is still a mystery to most people. 

Lifeisasoph also mentioned she works in Washington D.C, America. Similarly, she identified her ethnicity as Western African. However, she never mentioned her family. 

Lifeisasoph was also the person to start the #JusticeForRi movement. Likewise, she claimed Ri was Jacob’s girlfriend. But, everything turned about to be a well made-up lie.  

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