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Liliana Carrillo Reseda Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

It is quite unbelievable and heartbreaking when a mother decides to kill her own children. The same unthinkable happed in Los Angeles this April. Police took a woman named Liliana Carrillo Reseda under custody for the murder of her own children. 

Who is Liliana Carrillo Reseda? 

Liliana Carrillo Reseda is the alleged murderer of her three children.

On April 11, 2021, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested Liliana from Tulare County. According to LAPD, Reseda was showing “erratic behavior.” In fact, she is the sole suspect in the murder case. 

Liliana Carrillo Reseda is the age of 30 years old. She hails from the Reseda, Los Angeles, in California. Thus, she is an American by nationality. Furthermore, Liliana Carrilo Reseda belongs to the Hispanic ethnicity. 

Liliana Children and Family

Liliana Carrillo Reseda’s children included her two boys and one daughter.

Liliana’s children were all toddlers of age 3 years, 2 years, and 6 months old. However, their identity has not to been revealed due to privacy concerns. Furthermore, the police are also questioning Liliana Carrillo Reseda’s family right now. 

The children’s grandmother was the first to report to the police. In fact, she found all of her grandchildren stabbed to death when she returned back to home from work. Moreover, as Liliana was seen nowhere near the incident, she suspected her to be the murderer. 

Her Instagram And Facebook Video

The police disclosed Liliana Carrillo Reseda’s Instagram and Facebook video on the internet.

Soon after she committed the crime, Carrillo even carjacked a silver Toyota pickup license J258T0. Similarly, the LAPD even released her pictures on social media. Consequently, a motorist identified her photo and reported it to the police.

Liliana Carrillo Reseda’s Wiki bio is not available. Nonetheless, she is currently under the custody of Tulare County. On the other hand, the whole Reseda community is shocked by the crime. 

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