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Little Marvin Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Little Marvin Wikipedia is being searched after he popped into the limelight. Read below to know more.

Professionally, Little Marvin is an actor, writer, and producer. He had kicked off his cinematic career in 2001 after appearing as Trent Washington in the movie named F-Stops. Apart from that, he has also acted in Jack & Jill.

Is Little Marvin On Wikipedia?

Little Marvin is not on Wikipedia yet.

Well, we can definitely find his bio on IMDb, though. According to his profile, he had appeared in the 2016 television series called Quit Your Day Job. Previously, in 2006, he was the executive producer of the movie named The Time Is Now.

His Net Worth

Little Marvin has never discussed his net worth details yet.

Looking at his IMDb profile, he is not very active. Thus, we aren’t sure if he earns very well. However, he might have other businesses which serve as his primary income. Normal film producers and directors have a net worth of more than a million. The same might be the case with Marvin.

Everything On Them Director

Little Marvin is considered the director, producer, and writer of Them, a haunted television series.

The first season of Them, consisting of ten episodes, premiered on April 9, 2021. The story is about a black family moving to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood. They weren’t aware of the malevolent forces, which later disturbs them completely. 

Little Marvin Age: How Old Is He?

Currently, Little Marvin’s age is unknown.

On top of that, we are unsure about his birthday details too. However, we can claim that Marvin is not less than 40 years old.

You can find him on Instagram (10.4 thousand followers) and Twitter (2.8 thousand followers).

What Is His Real Name?

Little Marvin’s real name is Marvin Safford.

Moving on to his family life, we are unknown about his married life. Thus, there is nothing to know about his wife or children. Since he hails from Los Angeles, he is of American nationality, but we know nothing regarding his ethnicity.

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