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Lyndell Mansfield Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The accident and death rumor of Lyndell Mansfield is spreading like wildfire and people would like to confirm if she is in the hospital. Continue reading to know the details regarding the celebrity hairdresser. 

Lyndell Mansfield is a well-known hairstylist who styles the hair of many models in red carpet events and fashion shows.

She has also styled many actors and actresses, music artists, and other renowned celebrities.

According to several reports, Mansfield is currently being treated in the hospital and is said to be on life support. 

Following this, many people have expressed their concern for her on various social media platforms.

Why Is Lyndell Mansfield In Hospital? 

Lyndell Mansfield was in the hospital because of a cerebral hemorrhage.  

Many people learned about Mansfield’s hospitalization after a fundraiser began raising funds for her treatment on the gofundme website.

According to sources, Lyndell suffered three heart arrests while undergoing treatment in the hospital. And as her conditions worsened, She was put on life support.  

After hearing the news, Lyndell’s parents, Vivian and Barry, as well as other family members, flew all the way from Australia to England. 

Lyndell Mansfield Death News And Accident Details

The official accident and death report of Lyndell Mansfield has yet to be published. 

However, just hours ago, several of Mansfield’s close friends shared heartfelt messages confirming her death. 

Her friends have expressed their regret and stated that they have lost a creative person with a wide range of abilities. They also remarked that today the artistic industry lost a legendary talented hairstylist.

Lyndell was rushed to a London hospital in an emergency after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

Likewise, Her health deteriorated afterward, and she suffered three cardiac arrests. So it was already looking bleak for her health to return to normal anytime soon.

Lyndell Mansfield Age And Wikipedia Biography Explored

As stated by her Wikipedia, Lyndell Mansfield appears to be 35-40 years of age. 

Lyndell appears to have been born and reared in Australia, as her family still resides there. According to stories, she was a very creative person who enjoyed grooming others as a hobby.

She began her career as a stylist and quickly rose to prominence due to her impressive skill set and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Mansfield was also an ambassador for Schwarzkopf LIVE Color and got2b in addition to her job.

Meet Lyndell Mansfield On Instagram 

The Instagram handle of hairstylist Lyndell Mansfield is @itslyndell. 

Her Instagram account currently has 11 thousand followers and around 5 thousand posts.

She used her social media accounts to document every special milestone in her life.

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