Strangeland Podcast, Who is Robin Cho? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Robin Cho? The second episode of the podcast Strangeland featured the life story of Robin Cho.

The life story of Robin Cho, a Korean-American, was talked about in the second episode of the podcast Strangeland.

Strangeland, a new series from the audiochunk, featured the story of immigrant neighborhoods in America.

The hosts of the podcast are Ben Adair, an investigative journalist and renowned interpreter, Sharon Choi.

Ben is a Peabody Award-winning journalist and a podcaster at Western Sound.

As per Sharon, she is a Korean-American film director and an interpreter.

The podcast is currently in its first season, where it features infamous murders which took place in Koreatown.

The central theme of this podcast is to uncover new evidence of crime cases that occurred in K-town.

Who is Robin Cho Strangeland? His Bio

The second episode of the podcast Strangeland featured a story about Robin Cho.

Robin Cho is the suspect of LAPD for the brutal triple murder in Koreatown.

Robin was born in the South Korean countryside in 1957 to a businessman father and housewife mother.

His father was the owner of the salt farm in Korea.

He was among the second youngest children in the family and had nine siblings.

This episode is about the ponzi scam that Robin was associated with, where he defrauded people of millions.

After being convicted of a fraud case, he was liable to give his DNA to the police.

Soon after, he was charged for a triple murder which happened years ago.

The Blood from the murder scene was matched to Cho’s Blood.

There are four episodes regarding Robin Cho; you can listen to them on the Strangeland website.

Robin Cho Age

Robin Cho’s present age is 64 years old.

Robin used to work as a life insurance agent in the early ’90s.

Cho is a criminal who defrauded millions of dollars from people. In 2008, he was convicted of another crime, triple murder.

He is a married man with a wife and two sons aged 28 and 23.

Robin Cho Wikipedia

Robin Cho is not available on Wikipedia.

Robin recently became a trending topic over the internet after the episode of Strangeland was released.

The Strangeland podcast had done a four-episode about him and his crimes.

The only relevant information about him is that he is a Korean-American who immigrated to America in 1974.

In 2008, he was convicted of fraud, and in 2009, he was convicted of a triple murder in Koreatown, LA.

Robin Cho Instagram 

Robin Cho does not have an Instagram.

Robin is currently serving his sentence in prison after being convicted of triple murder.

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