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Manny Arvesu Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Manny Arvesu is mostly famous for being María Celeste Arrarás’s Ex-Husband. He married the award-winning journalist back in 1996. Maria is a world-class journalist and a presenter who has won national Emmy Awards for Journalism three times. 

However, the couple divorced quite publicly and not in a good way. Their notorious divorce was a talking point for several months. But they did find their respective selves after divorce. His ex-wife, Maria has been recently fired from the network, Telemundo where she worked for 20 years. And here is everything you need to know about María Celeste Arrarás’s ex-Husband. 

NameManny Arvesu
Age60 Years old

10 Facts on Manny Arvesu

Manny Arvesu is known for being the former spouse of the celebrity journalist, María Celeste Arrarás. 

It’s not much a surprise that he doesn’t possess Wikipedia biography. There are not many articles written about him either. 

Moreover, Manny seems to be in his 60s. As his ex-wife is 59 years old and there didn’t seem to be much age difference between them. 

The couple shared their marital vows in 1996 after dating for several years. However, their marriage collapsed in 2004. 

As a result of their marriage, they have three children. His children, Adrian, Julian, and Lara were very young when their parents divorced. 

Moreover, their divorce was very much public. And it was a kind of divorce people like to avoid. 

As for his job, he was a professional lawyer before. He may be practicing law still. 

Moving on, the facts about his net worth are not available yet. He has not come to the spotlight after he divorced Maria in 2004. 

Talking about Maria, she was recently fired from the Spanish language network, Telemundo. She worked there for around 20 years. She was the backbone of the network. 

Furthermore, Manny is not present on any sort of social media. Neither has he appeared or spotted with his former wife or children in media.

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