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Eirianedd Munro Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Eirianedd Munro, 23 is a girlfriend of Adam Peaty and an artist. Read more to find out more about her.

Who Is Eirianedd Munro? Wikipedia

Eirianedd Munro, born in 1998, is the girlfriend of Adam Peaty. They met in 2019, when Adam Peaty was training at Loughborough University and Eirianedd Munro was a student, studying Fine Arts.

She is currently a part-time artist, with a degree in Fine Arts, and taking care of their son in Loughborough, England.

Eirianedd Munro is not present on the official page of Wikipedia.

Eirianedd Munro and Adam Peaty – Is She His Wife?

The Relationship between Eirianedd Munro and Adam Peaty started at the cusp of COVID-19 Lockdown.

They stayed together during the lockdown, where she said of Adam: “Best quarantine buddy a girl could ask for.”, where they got to know each other really well during that time.

Eirianedd Munro also hinted at her pregnancy on Instagram, posting a picture with “Skinnier times.” Written.

‘The Sun’ A UK News Company published an article regarding Adam Peaty and Eirianedd Munro’s relationship, which has since been taken down.

According to some News platforms such as ‘The World News’ and ‘Shortpedia’, the two met through the use of the famous dating app ‘Tinder and Eirianedd was pregnant with Adam’s son by their second date. All of these news platforms cited ‘The Sun’ as their source of the information, the article in question which has long since been taken down.

Adam Peaty replied back on the news on his Instagram where he stated, “….Please don’t believe everything you’ve read as this story is far from accurate.”

Eirianedd Munro is Adam Peaty Wife in everything that counts as he is quite dedicated to her as seen by the public statements he made on many news platforms and social media.

Adam Peaty is still going on many competitions as a National Athlete and he has posted/stated many more times just how much he loves his family.

Eirianedd Munro On Social Media


Eirianedd Munro uses Instagram (@eirimuno) to share her daily ongoing events in her life. She also uses another Instagram account (@Emunroart) to show her artworks to the public.

She has posted a combined total of 367 posts (238 and 129) on Instagram.


Eirianedd Munro uses Twitter (@EirianeddMunro) the same way as Instagram, with her artworks but with more content, anything that is relevant to her, as she seems to have been using Twitter for far longer than Instagram, with a total ‘Tweets’ numbering 8,291.


Eirianedd Munro has recently started a YouTube Channel (Eiri Munro), where she has posted 5 videos to this day.

Eirianedd Munro: Family

Eirianedd Munro and Adam Peaty’s son George-Anderson Adetola Peaty, born on the 11th of September, 2020, weighing 9lb and 1oz., was born at the Leicester General Hospital. Currently located in Loughborough, England.

And according to her most recent video on YouTube, Eirianedd Munro has two siblings, Abi Munro and Elliot Munro. 

Abi Munro is her sister, 20, currently studying at Cardiff University in Wales.

Elliot Munro is her brother currently working in an IT Security and Support company, GCIT, remotely as an IT Consultant. Currently living in Varsity Lakes, Queensland, Australia.

Eirianedd Munro: Age

Eirianedd Munro is 23 years of age as of 2021, as indicated by her Instagram page.

She was born in 1998 in Welsh, Nigeria.

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