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Matteo Giunta Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Matteo Giunta has not yet been added to the Wikipedia page. He is mainly acknowledged as Federica Pellegrini’s coach. Get to know more about him below.

Matteo is a former Italian swimmer and swimming instructor located in Pesaro. Federica Pellegrini, a swimmer, is also his pupil. 

His passion for athletics has led him to teach some of Italy’s most renowned athletes. In 2018, he was awarded the Palme d’Or by CONI.

Matteo Giunta’s Wikipedia

Matteo hasn’t received much attention on Wikipedia’s official page.

He is, nevertheless, listed as a coach of the swimmer Federica Pellegrini on her official Wikipedia page. Giunta is a highly sought-after swimming coach in Italy.

Federica Pellegrini, Italy’s most well-known and medal-winning swimmer, began training with her in 2014. Thanks to Matteo’s training, Federica won gold at the 2017 World Swimming Championships in Budapest.

Matteo Giunta Age

Matteo Giunta’s age is 39 years old.

Every year on 7th May, he is said to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family. Taurus is his zodiac sign.

Similarly, he was born in the Italian city of Pesaro in the year 1982.

When it comes to his height, he appears to be about 6 feet tall based on his looks.

He has not, however, disclosed his specific height and weight data.

Know Matteo Giunta’s Wife

Matteo has formalized her engagement with his future wife, Federica Pellegrini.

Federica Pellegrini is an Italian swimmer who was born on 5th August 1988. The age of Federica Pellegrini is 33 years old.

In the February 2, 2021 issue of Confidence magazine, she stated that her heart is occupied: her present partner is still unknown, and she denies ever having been in a romantic connection with her coach Matteo Giunta.

With a mark of 3:59.15 at the 2009 World Championships in Rome, Pellegrini became the first woman to break the 4-minute barrier in the 400 m freestyle.

Federica finished second behind Katie Ledecky and ahead of Missy Franklin in the 200 meters freestyle at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships in Russia, with a time of 1:55.32.

Pellegrini decided to take a break after winning her seventh straight medal at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, opting for lighter training and partial abandonment of her beloved 200m freestyle.

Is Matteo Active On Instagram?

Yes, Matteo is active on Instagram, and his Instagram account name is @matteogiunta.

Matteo Giunta has 32.6 thousand followers on his Instagram account. He is following 246 people from his Instagram account.

He has posted 119 posts to date.

His Net Worth Details

As of now, Giunta’s net worth has not been published.

He doesn’t appear to want to disclose his details to the public or the media.

Matteo Giunta’s primary source of income, though, is as a swimming coach.

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