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Matthew Dolloff Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Matthew Dolloff is a left-wing shooter who was disguised as a security guard illegally when the accident happened. He shot a pro-cop protestor, Lee Keltner, to death after both the rival groups turned ferocious regarding the protests in the Antifa clash.

The incident occurred on a fine afternoon at about 3:30 pm on Saturday. He was working as a security guard for the TV station 9NEWS which hired him in order to protect their employee but since he had been working illegally, he was under the violation of the law. The TV station had given him the job through Pinkerton after all the legal documents were confirmed but there was no record of him having an active license as a security guard.

NameMatthew Dolloff

10 Facts on Matthew Dolloff

Matthew Dollof is a 30 years old left-wing shooter who has been taken into custody after allegedly shooting a protestor to death.

He holds an American nationality however there is no information about his ethnic and religious background.

The shooter stands quite tall with a maintained body however the accurate measurements of the height and weight are not disclosed quite yet.

There is no information about his parents and siblings but however, this is very disturbing news for his family and all of the people who are concerned about him.

There is no distinct information about his early life and educational degree. 

Matthew got into a fight with a rival group and instinctively shot the protestor as soon as the environment got heated.

There is no information about his private life and also about his current marital status.

He is also not available on any social media handles either it is Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and also doesn’t own a Wikipedia profile.

 The news was very disturbing for the rival protestors and everything again turned into violence as soon as the police took over.

Matthew is currently taken into custody and would be taken in a fair trial and be provided with the punishment based on his crime.

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