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Broderick Munro-Wilson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Late Broderick Munro-Wilson is yet to be acknowledged on Wikipedia. Broderick, a good friend of Prince Charles died at the age of 76. Learn more about him via this article.

Late Broderick is a good friend of Prince Charles. Recently, he died at 76 years.  He was acknowledged as a former horse rider, and his nickname was ‘Jockey.’

Besides, he was a service provider banker too. He became an actor as he has appeared in many documentaries. Additionally, he is a former worker at the Particular Air Service.

At a very young age, he joined the Pony membership and debuted as a beginner at Newbury.

Broderick Munro-Wilson Wikipedia

Broderick Munro-Wilson has not been explained on Wikipedia yet.

He is famous for being a good friend of Prince Charles. Even though he has not been featured on Wikipedia, we managed to gather information on his bio.

He had had an incredible journey from joining the Pony Membership at a young age to earning an indefinite break for using within the Grand Nationwide. He also won over Tony Fowler in 1982 Foxhunters’ Chase.

He was graduated from Cambridge. He was a professional merchant banker and a horse rider. His nickname in horse riding was “Jockey.” He had also taken a ride on Soapy Sponge Hunters Chase, Corinthian Hunter’s Case, and many more. He did not have any social media handling account.

Broderick Munro-Wilson Age

Broderick Munro’s age was 76 aged when he died in the UK.

He was born on 18 June 1945. He was raised in Sussex. He had got many achievements in his life till his death.

The reason behind his death is yet to be revealed. His relatives and family have heartfelt condolences from their well-wishers.

Broderick Munro-Wilson Wife & Family

Broderick Munro-Wilson was divorced from his wife, Carolyn.

The precise reason for their separation is still unknown. They probably had some misunderstanding or something else. 

Later, he engaged Samantha Bleby. There is no information on whether they were married or not.

Though he had children from his first wife, the two lovely daughters are Charlotte and Emma. He was living with his daughter after his divorce from his first wife.

What Was His Net Worth?

Broderick’s net worth is yet to be disclosed.

His actual net worth is still a mystery and under review. However, it is expected to be millions of dollars. He was involved in many sectors as his career. He was a merchant banker as well as a horse rider.

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