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William Quince Colburn III Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

William Quince Colburn III tragically killed his family including his family dogs. Is his photo revealed? Explore the details here.

William Quince is a teen boy who is convicted of killing all his family members, including dogs. He shot his family to death and posted the pictures on social media platforms.

See the detailed info.

William Quince Colburn III Family

William Quince Colburn III murdered his family. 

William is a 15-year-old teenager who killed three of his family members. He also killed 2 of the family’s dogs.

William shot and killed his parents and sister. After killing them, he posted the pictures to social media and threatened to continue the violence in his school.

The murderer was identified as William Quince Colburn III by the police officials in Aransas Pass and the San Patricio County sheriff’s office.

They were able to track him down at an RV park in Aransas County of South Texas. The police were alerted after he shared the graphic pictures of his dead family on Discord.

The police asked him to come out of the vehicle, but he refused. Then a gunshot was heard. William Quince had committed suicide. 

After they entered the RV, they discovered the graphic scene shared over social media. “The male juvenile was likewise found deceased from a gunshot wound. In total, investigators found four deceased bodies and two deceased dogs.”

Are William Quince Colburn III Photos Revealed?

Yes, William Quince Colburn III’s pictures have been revealed.

Moreover, the 15-year-old shared graphic images of his dead family on social media.

William Quince Colburn III Parents

William Quince Colburn III’s parents were father William Colburn Jr and mother, Jana Colburn.

He murdered both of them and also his 13-year-old sister Emma Colburn.

William Quince Colburn III Age: How Old Was He?

William Quince was of age 15 years.

At the age of 15, William killed three family members. After killing his father, mother, and sister, he took his own life.

William Quince III Wikipedia And Reddit

William Quince has not been featured on Wikipedia.

As his murder case is very recent, he might be featured on Wikipedia soon.

Reddit user u/zacharyjm00 shared William Quice’s story to the subreddit r/MorbidReality.

The post gained over 2.5k upvotes in just 19 hours.

He posted an extract of the news article Independent UK.

A user commented. “Damn. 20min away from me. Already heard about it, crazy seeing it being posted here and being so close to home.”

Many wanted to know the cause behind the murder and if he was abused. “Is there any motive for this, or police aren’t saying because they simply don’t know. Wonder if he was being abused or just snapped. So messed up.” wrote a Redditor.

A family member of William came out and revealed that the family was “near fanatically right-wing.” The person said that they were gun enthusiasts, which allowed William access to firearms.

It was also revealed that there was some history of mental illness that could have led to it. But they clarified that “we don’t know and may never know.”

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