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Matthew Person Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Matthew Person? This article covers everything we know about him, including the arrest charges.

Police arrested Matthew Person in 2013.

He was working at a company in Wando Park Boulevard. The authorities have caught many people with similar names throughout the years. Their mugshots are also available online. 

Who Is Matthew Person? Why Was He Arrested? Charges Explained

Matthew Person is a Mount Pleasant man whom police arrested in 2013.

Despite repeatedly setting up times, he failed to turn himself to the authorities. At that time, he was living and working in Greenville. 

In January 2013, one owner of a company on Wando Park Boulevard accused Matthew of using the organization’s American Express card for purchasing personal items. Then on the 30th, they fired him.

Reportedly, he used the card to pay at Hertz Rental for things worth $566, $351 at Lowe’s, and $1,128 at Best Buy. Likewise, he also did transactions at Walmart and Budget Rental Car.  

Besides this incident, there is little to no information, including his educational qualifications, professional background, and family, on him online. 

Matthew Person Mugshots

The mugshot of Matthew Person isn’t available on the internet.

However, 37-year-old Matthew Medlin is famous for his jail photos. The police last arrested him on 12 May 2020, after he allegedly tried to break into a Snack Shack. Transit officers discovered him in action and quickly chased him. Trying to flee, he hid inside a nearby supermarket’s stockroom.

When the authorities found him, he turned towards them, hiding his hands under his jacket and threatening to shoot them. However, the police tasered him and eventually took him into custody. Later, they found that he didn’t have a weapon on him.

Medlin has a long criminal history. His first arrest came in 2002, where his mugshot showed him as a clean shaved man. Since then, the authorities have arrested him over 20 times. 

A series of prison photos over the years show how his looks have changed. His face gets tattoos and markings slowly over time. Initially, he looked great, even comparable to a model, but almost 20 years made his face marked with jagged and sharp poorly-administered eyebrow tattoos and tears.

People can’t recognize Matthew looking at his mugshots, which show his descent into addiction through scabs and body art. In 2013, he got his infamous tat, two pointed eyebrows, and four roughly inked tears.

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