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Mayra Rosales Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Rosales has been getting a lot of attention from the media and public following her nephew’s death and her large weight issue. At one point, she was the heaviest woman in the world. Interestingly, she weighed 470 kg (1036 lbs).

However, she came into the limelight when her sister was sent to prison for slaying Mayra’s two-year-old nephew in March 2008. It was the murder which Rosales had initially confessed.

Where is Half-Ton Killer Now?

As of 2021, there is not much information concerning her. Famously known for being a Half-Ton Killer for remarkably reducing his weight, Mayra Rosales has decided to her life back to order to get the sole custody of her sister’s children, who had no parents to take care of them at the moment.

At one time, she was also accused of killing her nephew by rolling on top of him with her 1,000-pound body mass. But eventually, she cleared her name.

Mayra’s Weight Loss Story

Currently, looking at the pics that she posts on her Facebook, it is clear that Rosales is living a happy and worry less life. With the drastic change in body weight, she has looked more slim and attractive than ever before.

Furthermore, Rosales says she wouldn’t have regained her health without Houston’s vascular and bariatric surgeon and star of The TLC’s My 600 Pound Life, Dr. Younan Nowzaraden. With the help of the doctor, she has been able to curb her eating habits. Her weight loss story has been an inspiration for many down-and-out people suffering from obesity.

Mayra Rosales Husband and family background

The Texas native Mayra Rosales was married to her ex-husband, Bernie. The couple divorced in the year 2013. The reason for their divorce was Bernie wanted to go back to Mexico and be with his family. 

Mayra Rosales’s ex-husband’s net worth is unknown at the moment. Nonetheless, looking and examining Mayra’s Facebook, she seems to found a new partner. 

Moving towards her family background, she was raised in La Joya, Texas, the USA, by her parents, Rosendo Rosales León (father) and Ana Joya Cuartas. Besides her, Rosales has a sibling sister, Jaime Lee Rosales, who was jailed for killing his two-year-old infant son. Jaime will be released from prison in 2025.

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