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Ryan Fischer Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ryan Fischer: Lady Gaga’s Dogwalker has no mention on the singer’s Wikipedia biography. 

Fischer, who walked the A star is Born star’s three bulldogs, was reportedly shot out of his home in West Hollywood. He was walking her dogs when he was shot and the shooter/s stole two of Gaga’s dogs as well. 

The Grammy-winning singer owns three bulldogs, Koji, Gustavo, and Miss Asia. Koji and Gustavo were stolen by the suspects whereas Miss Asia managed to escape away. She was later found by the cops. 

Who is Ryan Fischer?

Ryan Fischer is an American personality who walks the dogs of famous singer and actress, Lady Gaga. 

However, there are no further facts about him at the moment. He was not in the limelight before, hence, we don’t know much about his personal life. Gaga confirmed that Ryan has been walking her dogs for a long time. 

How is his present health condition?

Ryan Fischer reportedly took four bullets on his chest. 

When the dispatch arrived, he was conscious but his condition was awful. The dogwalker was rushed to the local hospital in no time. However, there have not been any updates on his health condition since.  

Quick Facts:

NameRyan Fischer
Age30 years

Some Unknown Facts on Ryan Fischer

Ryan Fischer is known for being the dogwalker for the American star, Lady Gaga. She owns three french bulldogs. 

Fischer is currently 30 years old. However, there are no known facts about his wife, family, and net worth. 

Moreover, Ryan was shot while he was walking the singer’s dogs. The suspects took two of her dogs as well.

However, there has not been any progress on finding the suspects or the lost dogs. 

As per the cops, the suspects are two black males wearing baseball hats. The shooting occurred at around 9 PM local time yesterday. 

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