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Michael Turney Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Michael Turney is an infamously known name who became quite a prominent figure in a case of child disappearance in Pheonix in 2001. His daughter, Alissa Turney who was 17 at the time of disappearance, disappeared while returning from High School. 

‘However, his other daughter, Sarah was convinced that it was her father who killed her sister. They did share some complicated relationships. Hence, Sarah took it on social media and the case became a national issue in no time. She started recording podcasts about the story of her disappeared sister. However, after 19 years of the incident, the court has decided Michael guilty of the murder of his daughter. Here is everything we have gathered on him.

NameMichael Turney
Height5 feet 8 inches
ProfessionFormer Cop
ChildrenSarah, Allysa

10 Facts on Michael Turney

Michael Turney is the stepfather of the Phoenix teenager, Alissa Turney who disappeared in the fall of 2001. 

Moreover, he has been arrested finally, after 19 years the incident took place. His daughter, Sarah has a great role to provide justice for Alissa. 

As of now, Michael is around 72 years old. He doesn’t have many working years left either.

However, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

Talking about his family, he was a father to two daughters, Alissa and Sarah Turney. Alissa was his step-daughter. 

Similarly, his wife was already dead when Alissa disappeared. 

As per Sarah’s POV, Michael and Alissa started having disagreements after his wife died. 

Michael used to undermine her and make her feel like a stupid person. There was also a video that captured her saying that her father is a pervert. 

As a result, Alissa didn’t return home after school one day. She also left a note that she will go to visit her aunt in California. 

But Alissa never went there. As Michael was a police officer at that time, Sarah thinks that he used his influence to track and kill her. Finally, the judge approved as well and Michael was arrested for murder. 

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