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Tina Marie Cat TikTok trend is a new trend on TikTok that is dedicated to cats. That is not surprising at all because we all know that cat videos constitute a major portion of the internet. We are a society that puts pets in a very high position and that’s perfectly okay because cats and dogs are really lovable.

TikTok is also one of the huge social media video-sharing platforms. So, it’s no surprise that cat videos have made their mark on Tiktok as well. There are cats on Instagram with millions of followers and that just shows our obsession as human beings with feline furries. Some people like cats and some like dogs but I am the kind of person who likes both cats and dogs.

These are the kind os videos people are making on Tiktok about their cat. However, there is a new trend on TikTok that is specifically centered around cats.

What Is Tina Marie Cat TikTok Trend?

Tina Marie Tiktok Cat Trend is a new trend that was made by a TikTok user named “@tinamariebebry“. Tina Marie has made other kinds of videos but there are lots of cats and dog videos on her TikTok. So, we are going to just assume that she loves pets.

This is a video that Tina Marie has made where she is stroking a cat under her chin using a brush and her hands. The cat is really loving it. There is a filter that seems to put a crown on the cat’s head and occasional heart bubbles fly out from the cat’s cheeks.

The video has no songs on the background. This trend is not that specific and has not been done by a lot of people. One could argue that if lots of people haven’t done it you can’t really call it a trend. There is only one video on TikTok made with this audio. 

Tina Marie, I think, is trying to make this a viral trend. But we are going to have to see what happens in the days and weeks after this video was posted. Making a video about stroking your cat, I really think this could be sweet and sweet things go viral on TikTok.

Tina Marie Cat TikTok Meaning

There are many accounts on TikTok that belong to the girl named Tina Marie. But this user seems to make lots of video about her cat and these videos are not about cats jumping[] up and down or doing cat things.

All of these videos are cats just sleeping while Marie strokes them softly. Maybe this is a trend she wants people to do. It hasn’t been that famous. However, I have to say, as a cat lover, these videos are very pleasing to watch. A cat’s purr is really a soothing sound and Tina Marie’s videos centered around cats are really cute. 

So, there isn’t any big complicated meaning behind this. Tina Marie Bebry is a girl on TikTok who loves her cats and makes video bout them. She strokes her cats softly and that’s the kind of video that people are seeing apparently.

Viral Challenge About Cats TikTok Explained

Tina Marie seems to make these videos where her cat is wearing a crown and has a neon hearts flowing around her face. Her cat Coco is really peaceful and looks very sweet. That seems to be her kind of a video.

However, there are other challenges on Tiktok about cats that are viral.

This is one of those challenges. You can wear a filter that makes your face looks like a cat and record the response of your cat. 

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