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Nathanial Terry Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who Is Nathaniel Terry? Know about the man arrested for setting a homeless man on fire.

Nathaniel Terry is a young American man who is taken into custody for charges relating to murder.

A horrifying incident took place in early November when CCTV footage showed a man putting fire on an unconscious homeless man lying in the stairwell.

This incident quickly rose to the headlines as many people raised concerns about the victim as well as the incident.

Police arrived quickly after a neighbor dialed 911 and the homeless man was rushed to the nearby hospital.

Now reports are out mentioning that the victim has died in the hospital after he couldn’t recover from the injuries sustained.

Amid the concerns, here is everything to know about the suspected culprit Nathaniel Terry.

Who Is Nathaniel Terry?

Nathaniel Terry is a middle-aged man based in Manhattan, who is charged for setting the homeless man on fire.

He lives in Samuel Gompers Houses on Pitt Street and is probably a working individual.

The neighbor, who reported the incident to the police, revealed Terry as a humble man with sensible behavior.

So, he couldn’t believe it when the youthful man was the leading suspect for the murder.

Any further details about the professional, as well as personal, details about Terry are not yet disclosed by police due to privacy reasons.

Homeless Man Death In Stairwell Fire Video 

The video shows the homeless man in Stairwell being lit up by a lighter in his left leg by another man.

It took place in front of an apartment in the building where many homeless men, as well as drugged people, would often walk up.

While the actual video of the incident is not publically shown due to being sensitive, there are several photos that highlight the fire.

The homeless man, who was probably drugged, was lying on the stairs and a person can be seen lighting up his pant.

Eventually, the unconscious man is quickly blazed by the fire and kept burning until the caller poured water on him in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

Police officers, upon arriving at the scene, rushed the unidentified victim to the hospital but he died later, reports New York Post.

Nathaniel Terry Age And Wiki

The man charged for setting fire on the homeless man, Nathaniel Terry is 27 years old.

Official sources while reporting the news have revealed the suspected culprit to be 27, while the deceased victim is said to be around 30.

Terry used to live in the nearby apartment with three other people. One is an elderly woman, probably his mother who is disabled.

Among the other two, one is said to be his girlfriend while the last man’s identity remains undisclosed.

Anything other than that is unavailable at the moment.

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