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Obituary: Who Is Brandon Leftault? Tragic Death Of Teenager Over A Fight For Marijuana

Brandon Leftault was tragically dead as a teenager; along with this, his mother also passed away. Stick with this article to know further details.

Brandon Leftault was tragically taken away from this world at a very young age. His death was tragic and devasted because his mother also passed away after his death.

On April 2, 2020, at the age of 20 years, this young boy was taken away from his family. His mother, Diane Leftault, knows the outcomes of her son’s death before charges.

Diane Leftault couldn’t proceed with her son’s death case because she couldn’t believe that her son was now no more, and she didn’t go against three people who were accused of murdering her son.

Obituary: Who Is Brandon Default? Wiki And Age

Brandon Leftault was 20 years old; he was stabbed in the lower leg during a fight between two groups of teenagers over marijuana. On April 2, 2020, this incident happened on Sunset Street near Della Drive.

After that, he went to the hospital, but he was died because of blood loss on the spot. It was shocking to see that how someone could kill this young boy by only stabbing his leg.

Who Is Brandon Leftault Mother Diane Default?

Brandon Leftault’s mother, Diane Leftault, died after her son’s tragic death. Ariana Kelland revealed that Diane mentioned that you had killed two people that night.

After four months of Brandon’s death, his mother also died after attempting suicide in August 2020.

Along with that, she wrote a victim impact statement before she took her life. But unfortunately, people never got a chance to read it for her, as Mallory Ward mentioned to the media.

There is no such information about Brandon’s family information or any of his siblings.

Diane Leftault moved her son from El Paso, Texas, to Newfoundland a decade earlier because of violence, and she was afraid that what if her son got hurt by anyone else.

Brandon Leftault Death Cause: Was It A Murder Or Not?

Brandon Leftault’s death was because of two groups of teenagers who stabbed his lower leg but unfortunately, he was dead on the spot.

The two people were 18-year-old men, and Jonathan Mathioudakis was just were charged with manslaughter and robbery almost a year after Brandon’s death.

According to sources, we can say that it was murder by two people and his death changed his family’s life in a very drastic way.

Brandon Leftault Facebook Photos

Brandon Leftault Facebook photos are not there, whereas many news reporters post his picture after his death by writing condolences. Brandon’s death was so tragic that everyone was shocked after this news on social media and news.

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