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Oleg Cricket Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Oleg Cricket Death news is going round on Reddit. Is he dead? Stay with the article to find out more about Oleg.

Oleg Cricket is a Russian star known for his unbelievable and extraordinary stunts on top of high buildings. Cricket does not have any fear of heights as most of his stunts are performed at heights. He has also explained how he deals with risks while running on the edge of 150m high buildings.

Cricket’s videos always go viral on the internet. Oleg also has a Youtube channel with more than 17.1 million total views. Oleg uploaded several stunt videos on the channel, but the Youtube channel was last active three years ago.

Oleg Cricket Death Hoax on Reddit

Oleg Cricket’s death hoax is going rounds on Reddit. 

The daredevil Oleg Cricket is still alive as he is the news of his death is just a hoax.

This is not the first time Oleg’s death hoax has gone viral. Many of Cricket’s fans and followers have shown concern regarding the hoax. 

Oleg Cricket is still alive and doing well for himself.

Is Oleg Cricket On Wikipedia?

Oleg Cricket is not on Wikipedia.

Cricket is originally from Siberia, Russia, and has traveled to several countries including, Thailand, Hong Kong, Phillippines, Netherlands, Dubai, Germany, Portugal, Cuba, France, Itlay, and Africa. Oleg has reached the top of more than 50 tall buildings. 

Oleg Cricket appeared on the TV series “URBEX: Enter at Your Own Risk,” the Redbull TV’s action documentary in 2016. Cricket started gaining fame after performing on top of tall buildings, dangling from the roofs, and many more.

Oleg Cricket’s age is 29 years in 2021. His real name is Oleg Sherstyachenko. He moved to Yekaterinburg away from his parents when he was just 17 and started living independently. Oleg limits himself when he is too impulsive, as per Redbull.

Meet Oleg Cricket On Instagram

Oleg Cricket is active on Instagram under the username @olegcricket.

Cricket has more than 791k followers and 245 posts on his Instagram account as of August 2021.

Oleg’s Instagram bio says he is an art director and a human. His Instagram account is filled with aesthetic pictures of other people and sceneries. Oleg Cricket posts his stunts and performances on his social media platforms including, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Cricket has not revealed the name of his girlfriend to the media. 

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