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Olivia Sky has been a popular Instagram model for a lot of years but when rapper Bow Wow confirmed her as his baby mama, it broke the internet. 

Sky  has a lot of followers online but now she also has the affection of all of Bow Wow’s fans. There were rumors for a while that the baby was his son but they had not been confirmed until September 24, 2020. 

NameOlivia Sky
Height5 feet 2 inches
ProfessionInstagram Model, Influencer
Children1 son

10 Facts About Olivia Sky

Olivia Sky’s birthday and age are not public information but online estimates suggest she is in her late 20s. 

She is from Astoria Queens, New York, USA, and is an American as per her nationality. She is of African-American ethnicity. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches. 

Her wiki pages online are incomplete but you can read all about her in this article. 

The star’s Instagram account is her main social media account and her page on the platform has amassed more than 71 thousand followers. 

She became the baby mama of the rapper Bow Wow and his son. He recently claimed the newborn baby as his own and even posted his picture on his social media. 

Olivia’s bio on Fandom has reported that she tried becoming a singer due to her family but could not overcome her fear of crowds. 

Likewise, she herself wanted to become a model but had to pursue singing.

Her career as a singer ended shortly after it started because she could not overcome her fear of crowds. Her mother did not let her become a model due to social pressure. 

Then, she started modeling on social media and quickly became a popular Ista model. Her followers also grew exponentially. 

As a child, she was a budding designer and started experimenting with clothing. In fact, she had her own sewing machine and used to create her own style of clothes. 

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