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Omar Delaney Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Omar Delaney? He seems to be happily married as his Facebook posts suggest but lately he has been arrested for rape.

Delaney is getting headlines all over leading news portals as he has been arrested on charges of raping a woman on his wedding day, but his wife insists she is standing by him.

Who Is Omar Delaney?

Omar Delaney, 35, is a man of Fircrest Washington.

He has been accused of raping a woman in a Las Vegas hotel on his wedding day. He was arrested on the morning of April 20, the same day he was due to marry Tamara Rojas.

Omar Delaney On Facebook

Omar Delaney is active on Facebook.

On his Facebook, he has posted a couple of pictures and appears to be happily married.

When we reached out for comment on Delaney’s Facebook, new bride Tamara Rojas is standing by her husband.

Why Was He Arrested? Case Update

Omar Delaney was arrested on three counts of sexual assault and one count of lewdness.

In addition to that, he was arrested in April after Las Vegas Police reported that he raped a woman before his wedding. Most surprisingly, his new wife is standing by him for his support.

As per a released report, the bride, groom, and several wedding attendees went out on April 19 to explore Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street. 

Women accuser reported he followed her back to her room and began fondling her breasts. He left the room but came back after some minutes and began removing her clothes. As per Las Vegas Review-Journal, he performed a sex act on her.

Know About His Family Details

Delaney’s family details are still questionable.

Well, there’s nothing much about his parental details on the Web. Also, it is unknown if he is a single child or has siblings.

Delaney Wife Revealed

Delaney is married to his wife, Tamara Rojas.

She proudly took his surname as Tamara Delaney. A tragic incident happened during their wedding day.

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