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Kyle Martincic Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Obituary – Kyle Martincic death was confirmed on Monday. How did the paramedics die? Find Out.

Paramedics are our heroes. They selflessly serve our society in case of emergency without thinking about their own situation.

Unfortunately, a paramedic and instructor named Kyle Martincic recently lost his own life. 

Kyle Martincic Death Obituary

Kyle Martincic has suffered an untimely death. 

With a heavy heart, we dedicate this obituary in Kyle Martinicic’s loving memory.

Kyle Martincic was a professional paramedic from Bloomington, Indiana. He was serving at the White River Township Fire Department. Unfortunately, his demise was reported in August 2021. 

The sad news was officially confirmed by the Johnson County Professional Firefighters Local 4252 on their Facebook page. They wrote, “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart, to announce the passing of one of our members Kyle Martincic. 

Similarly, Kyle Matinic passing away trended all over Twitter on Monday. Departments like Speedway Fire, Professional Firefighters Union of Indiana, and IAFF Local 4416 were few to pay their tribute to the late instructor. 

How Did Kyle Martincic The Paramedic Died?

Right now, there are no details on how Kyle Martincic the paramedic died.

He was a medical professional trained to handle emergency patients. Therefore, it is quite shocking that Kyle had to suffer such an untimely demise himself.

Apparently, Martincic suffered a medical emergency while at work. But the actual circumstances and reports are not shared yet. 

The White River Township had mentioned him as “The learner of EMS along with being an excellent instructor.” He wanted to be recognized as a professional and did everything he could to bring everyone up to that level. 

Kyle was a valuable member of the community and everyone loved him at work. 

Update on Kyle Martincic wife, Angela Martincic 

Kyle Martincic leaves his loving wife, Angela Martincic and two children. 

According to his Facebook profile, Kyle and Angela got married on July 27, 2018. Originally from Illinois, the couple had moved to Indiana just a few years ago.

Before White River, Martincic worked as a firefighter and paramedic in Illinois as well. In fact, he had over a decade of experience in the sector. 

Angela took pride in her spouse’s job. However, she had not spoken about Kyle’s death yet. She must be devasted by the loss. 

We send our thoughts and prayers to Kyle Martincic’s relatives and friends. His service to the community will never be forgotten. Thank You.

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