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Ur Jaddou Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

People often wonder what is Ur Jaddou age, after a news outlet of Biden intending to nominate Ur Jaddou to lead U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Let’s have a look at this article.

Ur Jaddou is an American Director at DHS Watch. Prior to being director, she has also served as an Adjunct Professor at American University Washington College of Law, Chief Counsel at Department of Homeland Security, Civil Detention Standards Advisory task Force Member at the American Bar Association.

Recently, Ur Jaddou is making headlines as an immigrant-rights advocate, Jaddou was nominated to lead U.S.  Citizenship and Immigration service by Biden. 

Ur Jaddou Age Explored

Ur Jaddou age is yet to get disclosed as of now.

So far now, Ur Jaddou has not shared any information regarding his actual date of birth. She has preferred to stay lowkey about her early life information.

Ur Jaddou is a Washington-based personality which makes her an American by nationality.

Does Ur Jaddou Have Wikipedia?

Ur Jaddou does not have a Wikipedia page thus far.

However, we can find Ur Jaddou on Linkedin Bio. From his Linkedin, we can gather information about her professional experience and education. 

Also, Ur Jaddou information is found on several authentic Web portals. Additionally, she is also embraced on reputed new outlets, including Bloomberg and so on.

Who Is Her Husband?

Ur Jaddou husband information is concealed so far now.

We’re quite unsure about Ur Jaddou’s marital status as there is no hint of her husband and children on the Web. However, we’re looking forward to keeping her marital tab updated.

Details To Know About Jaddou Family

Ur Jaddou family details are still questionable.

In fact, our researches came to no aid as there is no relevant information about Jaddou’s parents and siblings thus far in any online resources.

She likes to keep her personal information away from the public eye.

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