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Orson Fry Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Orson Fry is the heir to the fortune of the chocolate empire built by Joseph Fry. He is also the heir of a gambling tycoon. In 2020, he has made the news due to his romantic affair with beauty queen Alexa Chung. 

In similar fashion, Fry has regularly made the news for his public displays of affection with the model since early 2019. Learn more about the heir below. 

NameOrson Fry
ProfessionMusician; Heir
ParentsAmanda Aspinall

10 Facts On Orson Fry

Orson Fry is 24 years old in September 2020 as reported by the Dailymail. 

Fry is active on social media but has kept his Instagram account private, however, he does have another joint account with his band.

His private account has more than 900 followers ad the same is true for his band account. 

Orson doesn’t have a Wiki page yet but you can read all about the musician in this article.

In the media, Orson is known as the boyfriend of celebrity model and TV personality Alexa Chung. 

They were first seen together in May 2019 but it was later revealed that their relationship started 2 months prior in March 2019. 

The couple finally went public about their relationship in June 2019, as they enjoyed the All Points East Festival in London as per the sun. The model has dated many famous people like Chris Martin, Theo Huthcraft, and Alex Turner.

In 2020, they have been spotted in several places often engaged in PDA. 

Orson is the family heir to Fry’s Chocolate Cream and Turkish Delight, the immensely popular confectionairy bars. He is the heir to the company. 

His mother Amanda Aspinall passed away in January 2019. He was devastated by the news but has recovered well since with the help of his newfound love. 

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