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Osama Eisa Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Osama Eisa aka Partytilfajr has been accused of abusing women on Twitter. Here is what we know about Eisa and the allegations so far.

Partytilfajr is a Muslim scholar who has been accused of abusing women within the Muslim community. Osama’s wife accused him of several sexual, emotional, religious, and financial abuse she had to face during their relationship. She did not speak up initially due to shame and fear. 

Osama’s wife warned the Muslim community to protect themselves from his fraudulent and exploitive nature. He uses his knowledge of the law and the legal system to ensure that his manipulations are not legally actionable. 

Who Is Osama Eisa aka Partytilfajr?

Osama Eisa is very active on social media platforms such as Clubhouse, Tumblr, and Twitter. Eisa might be sharing misleading information about his job and education with the public. 

Partytilfajr is Osama Eisa’s Twitter username. He has more than 4.8k followers and 2.8k tweets on the social media platform. Osama’s last tweet was in November 2020.

Osama Eisa is not on Wikipedia. Eisa’s age might be in the late 30s. It is unclear where Eisa currently is.

Who Is Osama Eisa Wife?

Osama Eisa’s ex-wife is Shamiyan. 

Shamiyan shared the details of the abuse she had to face from Osama Eisa on her Instagram account. 

Osama expressed his intent to marry Shamiyan just after joining the Columbus Muslim community in 2014. They got married two years after meeting. His mother was not supportive of the marriage as Shamiyan wore a hijab and she refused to attend the wedding. Osama had lied about telling the family about the wedding, and Shamiyan felt betrayed.

Shamiyan felt it was an illegitimate relationship as they did not have a marriage license. He manipulated Shamiyan and assured her everything was okay as they had an Islamic marriage certificate.

In the Instagram post, she revealed that Eisa ruined four years of her life, and she is still paying for it three years after the divorce. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help her with the financial debt Osama left her to deal with.

Osama Eisa aka Partytilfajr Twitter Allegations 

The Twitter allegations started when a Twitter user, Fatima Said, shared Shamiyan’s story on her Twitter account.

There is a formal investigation regarding the abuses and Shamiyan has asked people to come forward if anyone has been abused by Osama.

Other women have come forward and shared their stories related to Osama Eisa. A Twitter user, @mahrohj, revealed that she met Osama when she was still in high school and he groomed and abused her. 

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