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Fatih Seferagic Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Fatih Seferagic’s new wife Ayat Youssef, originally comes from a small town Stilwell, located in Kansas.

Professionally, Fatih serves as a famous Quran reciter and a speaker who travels the world.

Learn more on Fatih Seferagic New Wife Ayat Youssef

Faith Seferagic new wife Ayat Youssef lived with her family in Stilwell. It has only been few years since the couple is married. It’s been stated that the pair found 1400-year-old holy text.

Fatih serves as a great personality who has visited almost every corner of the world. But his love for a lady stuck him towards the small town of Stilwell. 

However, their unique love story started with a modern era. They met on Instagram. Ayat has mentioned that she was a huge fan of him since 2014. She also revealed they used to have conversations in his private account.

Later, they met physically in Houston. Both of them stated that they know they were meant to be together. The interesting fact is that her friends couldn’t believe that Ayat married a famous person.

Fatih Seferagic Allegations on Abuse And Controversies

Fatih Seferagic has been grounded with numerous allegations and charges lately. The man has been claimed of many misconduct and unsuitable behaviors.

Some of the controversies he has been into are physical assault, child molestation, financial abuse, manipulation, spiritual abuse, rape, etc. Moreover, Facing Abuse in Community Environments (FACE); a nonprofit organization in America has investigated all the claims mentioned above.

However, the organization stated that 13 claims are authentic. When this information flooded in a rapid way over the internet, it made it Fatih difficult to travel over the Cape Town visit during the month of Ramadan.

As it produced many controversies and questions. 

Fatih Sefera First Wife Safiyya Kare – What relationship does she have with Him?

Saifyaa Kare is Fatih Seferagic’s former wife. The former couple ritually took vows back in 2013. Whatsoever, nothing more than that is known about them till the date.

We are unaware if they had any children in the past. Talking about Fatih, he took birth in a Muslim family but having a German household. That’s why he belongs to mixed ethnicity of Bosnian descent.

Other than that, Fatih hasn’t quite talked about his family matters. It seems he likes to keep his personal life away from the media world. 

Fatih is with the name therealfatih on Instagram. We can spot him traveling to numerous mosques on various special occasions.

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