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Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Pastor Greg Locke is a well-known personality in Christian society as he is a famous pastor. He describes himself as an outspoken pastor who does not bow to anyone who is against Jesus. He is also a well known social media personality who has thousands and million followers.

NameGreg Locke
Age50-55 years old
WifeTai Locke

He inspires millions of people who followed him. He makes good use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Recently he came on the headlines of the news as he was seen opposing wearing masks and was also saying that he encourages his church members not to wear masks as well.

This video of him caught a lot of attention and also gained millions of views. Though he is a well-known Pastor he has also been in any controversy. When it was known that he cheated his wife his image was destroyed somewhat.

10 Facts on Greg Locke

Greg Locke’s entire professional life has gone being a pastor and Christians have a lot of respect and love towards him.

Pastor Greg Locke is currently servicing as the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church.

Greg was found cheating on his wife and later, he divorced her to marry his new girlfriend.

Moving onto his children, he had children from his previous marriage but we do not know if he shares any children from his current marriage.

Rationalwiki is a very reliable source to find details about him as he has not got a Wikipedia page of his own.

People’s doubts regarding whether he is married or not has now been cleared as his second wife’s name is Tai Locke.

Coming into his age, it seems his birthday is not published online but we believe that he is currently in his fifties.

It is believed that a research team has been working on his net worth and we will know about this very soon.

His family information is very little on the internet.

To find out his bio, you can visit Christian Post. 

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