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Will Darrell Brooks Have Death Penalty? Wisconsin Suspect Criminal Record

Darrell Brooks is the suspect who was involved in the Red Ford rampage in Wisconsin. Will he get the death penalty? Get to know his prior criminal record and more. 

Darrell Brooks is identified as Waukesha Parade suspect after a Red Ford plowed into dozens of people on the street in Wisconsin. As per the reports, 40 people were injured including 12 children. 

Brooks, who is currently held as a “person of interest”, allegedly ran over a lot of people who were having a local event in Waukesha. The victims include members of a band, local people, and children. 

Will Darrell Brooks Have Death Penalty? Arrested Charges Explained!

Darrell Brooks is currently under police custody and no sentence has been passed yet. 

The 39-year-old is termed as a “person of interest” and further investigation is going on. According to news released by NBC, the Wisconsin Police are still reviewing the evidence and are positive that they will have answers soon. 

Looking at the nature of the crime, it won’t be a surprise if the culprit gets the death penalty. That’s what many people on social media have been talking about anyway. But it does seem unlikely. 

We will update you with more details on his arrest soon. 

Darrell Brooks Wisconsin Suspect Criminal Record 

Darrell Brooks is known to have a criminal record prior to the horrible incident on Sunday. 

The 39-year-old has already been arrested before and has a charge sheet, according to local news. However, we are still awaiting the details of his prior arrests and charges. 

The local people were celebrating the annual holiday event when the rampage took place. The injury toll has been confirmed as 40 until now. 

Darrell Brooks Religion And Ethnicity

Darrell Brooks’s religion and ethnicity are yet to be known. 

A lot of rumors are getting attention on social media regarding Brooks’s religion and ethnicity and people have their own views. But we don’t still know whether he is Muslim, Christian or any other religion. 

Moving on, the suspect goes by the alias MathBoi Fly. He has been involved in a lot of criminal activities before as it didn’t take long for the police to identify him. 

We are still awaiting further details on his arrest. 

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